May Be Blizzard’s Answer To eSports Live Streams and Event Broadcasting

A disputing claim for the domain name has been withdrawn. It was filed earlier last month with the National Arbitration Forum and was assigned case number 1528644.

As you can see, it shows withdrawn under the status of the case when searched using the case-number provided above.

Blizzard Entertainment hadn’t filed a complaint since 2011, when it fought over the name This raises the question whether the company has actual plans for the TV-ended domain, beyond just defending their property.

Surely, with “blizzard” being a common term, they could do without the domain, where they are not planning on using it.

As of now, is under the property of Christie, Parker & Hale LLP, which specializes in intellectual property law. They’ve been helping out the publisher with prior disputes. For instance, they fought for the claim of

With the claim going away so quietly, it’s likely that a monetary sum was handed out to whomever originally registered the TV domain. It’s common business practice for desired registrations to be bought out by companies for a dismissible cost.

With recent developments, more speculations arise whether or not Blizzard could prepare its own channel for broadcasting content. With Starcraft and world of Warcraft both being highly popular titles, this wouldn’t be a bad move.

In earlier news, League of Legends, a competitor in the esports realm, tried to tie down some of its users from streaming other games on, which is the leading brand in that area.

With blizzard acquiring its own network, it could sidestep this restrictive requirement and still get their hands-on pro players that attract a wide variety of user attention.

Source: Fusible