No Man’s Sky is a Space Exploration Game To Satisfy Your Curiosity

One of the standout reveals on VGX 2013 was No Man’s Sky, a procedurally generated space exploration game by Hello Games. You will not only be flying ships to discover new planets in No Man’s Sky but also land at your newly discovered planets to solve mysteries surrounding them.

All the players playing the game are in the same universe so you can expect some turbulence in space or on the planets, you may think you were the first to find. Hello Games simply tagged it as next-gen title which basically means it will find its way to Xbox One and Playstation 4 at least.

Hello Games is a developer founded by the former employees of Criterion Games, Electronic Arts, and Kuju Entertainment. They are the people behind critically acclaimed Joe Danger video game series.

Considering the promise of the game, I believe it will also launch on PC (and the fact that all Joe Danger video games launched on PC eventually) but that’s just a guess.

No Man’s Sky doesn’t have a release date yet. If you are wondering what the game has to offer, you can satisfy your curiosity by watching the announcement trailer.