Trolls Try Selling Dreams of Backwards Compatibility to Xbox One Users

When you can’t roll it, troll it. Yes, certain discord mongers have been spreading a picture over the Social Media that boasts of making your Xbox One backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games.

Now this image has no authenticity, and has been proven fake, so do not attempt it no matter what your friends say.

It has been reported that originally the image had surfaced from 4chan and got viral from there for obvious reasons. Everyone wants to put their Xbox 360 games to good use and would jump at the idea of being able to play them on Microsoft’s latest console. So they did, and the image was everywhere.

Recently, Larry Hyrb has also confirmed that there possibility of backwards compatibility is nonexistent, so all this fuss is mere trolling.

Now the image does seem to have been created in similarity to Microsoft’s marketing style but all the instructions written over it are fake. What the instructions actually do is to activate the development environment of Xbox One but of course that is not public yet.

If you try this with your console you end up putting your Xbox One in an endless loop.

Xbox One troll

We hope you didn’t get your console messed up with this.