Duke Nukem Creator Scott Miller Working on Project Ascender for PC and PS4

Great news for Duke Nukem fans! Have you heard of Scott Miller? He’s the guy who created Duke Nukem and also founded 3D realms. We have picked up information that Miller is working on a new title for PlayStation 4 and PC.

A project was spotted on the LinkedIn profile of Interceptor Entertainment’s CEO Frederik Schreiber. The project is codenamed Project Ascender.

This is important because Interceptor Entertainment is the studio that ported Duke Nukem games to iOS and made a reboot of Rise of the Triad this year.

Now, Project Ascender has been listed to have a staff of around 20. Among these are Frederik Schreiber, Khaled Ibrahimi the executive producer and Scott Miller.

We do not know much about the game so far but Khaled Ibrahimi’s LinkedIn profile states that this “top secret next gen game” will come out in the market in 2014. Schreiber’s profile also gives away a little chunk, stating that the game has been in development since September this year.

Scott Miller has previously worked on games like Wolfenstein 3D, Max Payne, Prey and of course Duke Nukem. He has been in the gaming industry since 1970’s and is considered a veteran.

Source: Joystiq