“We Drew Inspiration From Bastion and Orcs Must Die,” Says Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Dev

We recently sent some questions to developer Neocore Games about their change of direction with The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. This action roleplaying (RPG) title broke away from their prior endeavors in the strategy world. They had been working on the King Arthur series from Paradox Interactive before that.

During this interview, community manager Orsolya Tóth revealed that they have been paying close attention to the recent indie industry. When asked about what inspirations they were working with to create their new RPG, Orsolya stated: “Obviously the Diablo and the Torchlight series made a big impression on our team.” She continued to stipulate: “We also drew inspiration from Bastion and the Orcs Must Die games.”

Bastion released in July 2011 as a timed exclusive for Xbox 360, subsequently bombarding itself to critical acclaim. It went on to win several awards across numerous publications and ceremonies.

It pairs dynamic narrative with a world that builds itself while the character advances. Its mixture of gorgeous, colorful art and a powerful soundtrack made this small RPG a smash hit, selling nearly 2 million copies across platforms.

Tower defense title Orcs Must Die released in late 2011 as well, to sizable praise for its active dungeon dynamics. While waves of enemies hurl themselves at towers, gamers can play the hero in third person and fight back.

It’s quite astounding how quickly some titles can transpire into others. In the case of indie titles, it’s even harder to make a lasting impact, among the slew of releases. It’s great to see some already clinging to an idea so well.

Later in the interview, Orsolya went on to discuss changes in their game, after fan feedback and where the next project is headed. For instance, the entire character of Van Helsing was renewed after criticism and they opted for an entirely new netcode for its multiplayer content.

You can read the full interview here.