Ultra Street Fighter 4 Release Date Confirmed to be in June, 2014

It was announced some time ago that the expansion will be released in next year’s spring season; it’s good that Capcom is sticking to its word – Ultra Street Fighter 4 Release Date has been confirmed to be in June 2014.

“Right now, we are hard at work to bring the game to all of our fans as soon as possible, and want to ensure there is enough time that players can practice to compete at Evolution 2014.”

When Ultra Street Fighter 4 releases to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in “early June”, it will add four new players to the Street Fighter 4, although owners of the original Street Fighter 4 will not be able to upgrade to it directly.

On the other hand, people owning Super Street Fighter 4 will have the option to upgrade their version of the game to Ultra Street Fighter 4. The game will set them back by $15.

Moreover, the full version of the game will not be released until August next year and will be priced at $40. The bundle will include all the costumes and characters. The full version for PC users will be priced less – $30 because they will have to wait for it longer.

Those of you who would like to try out the game before its official release; you could go to one of the location tests for Ultra Street Fighter 4 or make it out to the Capcom Cup.

You can check here to see the list of Location Tests around you.