Tom Clancy’s The Division Features Discussed by Game Designer and Director

Massive Entertainment’s Lead Game Designer Mathias Karlson and Design Director Axel Rydby were taken up for an interview some days back by a French news source where they discussed some of the previously unknown aspects and features of Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Talking about the importance of food and water in the game, they said that since the game is about the fall of society, everyday things will not be treated in the same way as we do now. In fact, you will have to look for both the things as scarce resources in order to stay alive.

Moreover, since we are talking about staying alive, you must know that there will be a day-and-night cycle in the game that will obviously affect your gameplay.

As the game starts, the character is going to have a go-bag containing the basic equipment for 72 hours of supplies along with his weapons and his gear, but that is pretty much it at the start of the game. Looting and acquiring new gear will of course add to his inventory as you play on.

The whole interview lasts more than 15 minutes, and the ones excited about Tom Clancy’s The Division would like to watch it themselves.