Teen Got Trolled on Ebay by a Con-Artist for Xbox One

A teenager spent £450 for an Xbox One on Ebay only to end with a Picture of an Xbox One console.

Peter Clatworthy, 19, spent a year saving up the cash to buy the limited edition Xbox One for Christmas but was shocked when he received a grainy picture of an Xbox One printed on an A4 paper on Monday. The con-artist went the extra mile by writing a ‘thank you’ note behind the picture.

A regular on Ebay, Clatworthy was confused by the title. Finding no negative reviews of the seller, he decided to go along with the deal which he now regrets.

Clatworthy contacted Ebay, even if it looks like there is no way he will ever see his money back thanks to the seller’s subtle way of telling what exactly the buyer will get, the seller wasn’t clever enough in his emails where he claimed he had a console; thus allowing Ebay to intervene. He recieved the refund and the seller was banned from using Ebay permanently.

And that is why you should always read between the lines, folks.