PS Move with Touch Surface? Sony Patents Flat Joystick Controller

Innovation is the word of the day for every technology based company; this gets more important when talking about something like gaming. Now we do know Steam is working on the same lines with their touch screen, and now Sony is gearing up for another plunge into it. Sony has registered a patent for Flat Joystick Controller.

Although it could be more of an invention but Sony Flat Joystick Controller is actually just an increment on the PlayStation 3 stick we know as PlayStation Move. The touch screen element is really just a surface on top of the wand like controller.

Our best guess is that this touch screen will be used to deliver the 3D movements of the stick.

The summary of the patent reads:

“Broadly speaking, the present invention allows for three-dimensional control with a multi-positional controller. The multi-positional controller enables control for a variety of applications and simulations while providing an intuitive interface to interact in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional renderings of the computer programs being executed through a game client.”

Nearly a year ago Engadget had reported that Sony had registered a patent for a sensor controlled surface bearing controller called EyePad – they really couldn’t think of anything else? The diagrams of that device don’t look anywhere similar to this one.

Sony’s Flat Joystick Controller is certainly one of the odd inventions, no doubt in that but it’s still a step forward and maybe we will get to see its actual worth soon.