Probably the Best Xbox One Ad We Have Seen So Far

Talk about classy advertisements and then come back and see how Microsoft is doing it. You don’t agree? Well, watch their latest Xbox One ad aired on UK Television above and you will know what I mean.

You see a TV program named Gogglebox running and suddenly a guy says “Xbox Go Home” the screen shrinks into the home screen of Xbox One and you find out that the program was actually running on Xbox One.

The person orders “Xbox play Froza” and the game pops up, seconds later a Skype call notification shows up on screen and our invisible guy orders the console “Xbox Answer,” takes the calls, decides with his buddy that he will play him after the program ends.

He can then go back to the game or if the commercial has ended he could revisit the program.

What I personally like about the ad is how it really gives you the feel of the interface, clearly depicting the ease of use that Kinect brings to Xbox One.

We have heard of some users complaining how the voice commands are troublesome for them. This has been so because of the device’s confinement to languages and accents but I think it has still worked much better than expected, even for those who take English as a foreign language.