Guild Wars 2 Celebrates Christmas with Wintersday, Additional Quests and More

Guild Wars 2 will celebrate christmas with the seasonal event dubbed “Wintersday” starting on December 10. The event will last a period of 6 Weeks. Events include:

The Wondrous Workshop: Toymaker Tixx’s Workshop will be accessible to players during the Wintersday event.

Winter Wonderland: A set of jumping puzzle, escaping from giant snowballs, gift stacking. Completing puzzle earns players special prizes.

Bell Choir: A Musical Challenge playable by solo as well as groups.

Toypocalypse: The player has to defend Dolyaks and Tixx’s Toymaking machines from broken toys out to destroy them,

Snowball Mayhem: Winter can never be complete without Snowball fights, during the course of Wintersday the players will be able to participate or start Snowball fights earning prizes based on their score.

Lingering Poison: The ‘Wintersday’ edition of the Toxic Alliance quest.

Completing the Wintersday Meta Achievement awards the player with “Tixx’s Toybox” which gives the player a choice between choosing one of the following: a Mini Ventari, Mini Plush Griffon, Mini Princess Doll, Mini Toy Golem, or Mini Toy Soldier.

Alongwith the skills, new features will be introduced to the game:

The Skill Cap of the crafting disciplines: Armorsmith, Leatherworker and Tailor has been increased to 500. Reaching maximum skill level (500) on these disciplines will give the player the ability to craft Ascended Armor.

Every Profession in the game will get a unique Healing Skill specific to the Profession.

A new Balance update was also announced which will focus on improving traits and trait lines, more details can be found “here“.