Gameplay, Enemies and Character Customization in Destiny

Details about Bungie’s latest endeavor, Destiny have been sought out for since the day it was revealed. From the looks of it, the game is going to an interesting mix of myth and science so the excitement is justifiable.

Rejoice now because GameInformer’s latest edition has been released with lot of information on the Gameplay, Enemies and Character Customization that the game offers.

Let’s start off with the weapons and armor; Each class will have unique armors but the weapons will be shared. Your class of choice won’t dictate which weapon you can or cannot use. Now it will surely be interesting to see how the gameplay elements come together in this bold approach.

Of course, the players would need something else to differentiate their pick from the rest, so they are going to offer an option to choose a “Focus” which will alter the character’s approach towards the game.

Each one of the Focus will bring you tiered upgrades (going up from 1 to 20) in weapon specialization, grenade types, movement abilities and special abilities of each class.

As Warlocks you have two options. If you want to play as a support, you can go for Heart of Fusion focus but if you want to take more central role that allows you to deal damage, you can go for Circle of Night focus.

Titans get Fist of Havoc that ultimately gives them powers to use a shockwave that will unleash electrical damage. These are just three of focuses available at your disposal when you will play Destiny.

Armor and weapons are going to have their own sets of upgrades. It will be good to choose the set that complements each other in the best way so that you can benefit from maximum effectiveness.

Both armor and weapons will have a total of four tiers: Basic (white), Common (green), Superior (purple), and Gold (exotic).

Gameplay will be typical to MMOs insofar as the XP and challenges are concerned. You kill enemies, complete the challenges and earning XP and unlocking areas to engage new enemies; there will be certain enemies that you will be able to fight only when you reach a certain level.

Side missions and mini challenges will also be available.

Destiny will give you Sparrow as your personal customizable vehicle similar to your spaceship that will also be customizable and visible to other players in the game when you are dropped into activities.

Strikes, or in other words, the quick co-op missions of Destiny that can be accomplished with a smaller set of teammates will be contrasting to Raids, the story based challenges that will require a larger army and input. Competitive matchmaking will also be available between Guardian Factions of the game.

As far as the locations go, five areas have been detailed thoroughly:

The Tower: Your home base where you go back between missions. There are vendors, you can turn in quest items. You can interact with other players in open plazas, and it also has class focused areas (specific designated areas) for hunters, warlocks, and titans.

Old Russia: One of the first places you visit for your missions (as seen in the demo). It’s the ruins of the cosmodrome (modeled after Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan). It was an important place during the Golden Age for outer space exploration, hence all the colony ships left over unlaunched.

Moon: Former human colony of interconnected bases. Since its fall, the Hive have infested building underground tunnels and the Hellmouth. Surface of the moon is now fractured.

Venus: Used to be a scientific research facility during the Golden Age. Now the Venusian ocean is rising on the decaying buildings. Now there lies a tower called the Vex Citadel that they defend heavily.

Mars: Used to be a heavily populated metropolis, but now is buried in the red sands of Mars. Both the cabal and vex stake claim, causing a dispute between them.

There is going to be a long list of enemies that you go up against:

The Fallen: Space pirates descended from a once honorable species from different noble houses. Now they are nomadic and aggressive. They originate from deep space and they have distinct sigils from the house they belong to. Souls burst from their heads when you shoot them.

The Cabal: Industrial, militaristic, and warmongering expansionists. The Rome of Space.

Legionnaires: Typical front line grunts that charge and shoot

Centurions: More mobile and have jet packs

Gladiators: Huge and strong with gattling guns

Psions: Smaller Cabals that use their mind to attack and pilot giant cabal ships. (Ooze black oily liquid when killed)

The Vex: Mentioned to be possibly from another time and space, they got here using warp gates. Robotic bodies with remnants of organics, some are humanoid while others more animalistic. Head shots don’t hurt them as much as focusing on their abdominal power cores which oozes glowing liquid.

Goblins: Harass and overwhelm.

Hobgoblins: Larger and have tails.

Minatours: Even larger.

Hydras: Three headed segmented machines that float in air and attack via turrets attached to each segment.

Harpies: Smaller, fly rapidly and occasionally open up before they fire.

The Hive: Ancient race that kept themselves alive in sarcophagus like ships. They typically burrow into a planet regardless of the damage it may cause and burrow tunnels and dungeon like caverns. Burst into dust and embers when you kill them.

Thralls: Mobs without weapons or armor.

Troopers: Bulk of combat.

Knights: Wield enormous cleavers.

Wizards: Fly overhead and unleash spells.

Ogres: Mutant beasts, shoot energy from their head.

Now that is a lot of information to grasp on, but this is not all, if you’d want to delve into it further, this is the post on Reddit that has jotted down the bullet points for us.

Let us know what you think of it.