Xbox One User Penalized in NBA 2K14 for Cusing

NBA 2K14 is literally going to put you on the court and will take into consideration any behavior that’s against the spirit of the game. A video released by one gamer shows how the Kinect heard him cursing while playing the game and as a result was awarded a technical foul in the game for excessive swearing.

“Oh my God, that’s ridiculous — I can’t curse in my own house,” the gamer says after receiving a technical foul. “I spent $530 for an Xbox One and you’re going to penalize me?”

NBA 2K14 is not the only game to keep language in check. Another user has noted a similar problem while playing FIFA 14 on the PlayStation 4.

It appears that the cursing-recognition is a feature you can turn off while playing in case you want to swear without penalty. I’ve yet to purchase an Xbox One console so I can’t really confirm as to what games are offering this feature.

In the mean time you can either take on the referee or else try and go through a gaming session without uttering the naughty words.