Major Nelson Assures That Xbox One Party System Will be Improved Soon

If you own the Xbox One then you know in order to play and interact with your friends you need to be in a Xbox Live Party. But as it was with the previous generation consoles, the next generation consoles have come with their own issues.

A redditor, who happened to be a Day One Xbox customer, was unable to play Ryse whilst in a Party he used for voice chat. When he took the issue to the Xbox One segment of Reddit, he got the attention of Major Nelson (Xbox One’s lead designer) who stated the issue was brought to the developer’s attention and they were working on resolving it.

However, it wasn’t mentioned how long until the issue will be fixed. Some Xbox One owners have trouble joining/hosting a friend’s party to which the Xbox Support Forums claim as the owner’s connection rather the console itself.

Xbox One Party System enables players to have group chat, join a online game session and works in tandem with Xbox One’s Smart Match system which matches the player based on his game character stats, skill level as well as playing style. Xbox One Party System, on paper, enables a party of 7 players -in a single lobby- to have a group chat even if they are playing different games.