Vampire Stealth Game Dark Is Cheaper Than Steam On Gamersgate

There’s a little price war going on in game sales territory, as Gamersgate is currently outdoing Steam’s offer for the stealth action title Dark. This PC release is 66% off on Valve’s site, but Gamersgate beats them by cutting 75% off their price, which puts it at €11.24, so don’t buy into the Midweek Madness.

In Dark, the story follows a recently sired person across a journey to track their vampire creator, through the modern times of fluorescent lighting and armed guards. Its visual style makes heavy use of purple and green colors, with thick contrasts and bold outlines.

Its several locations will see characters hide behind cover to outmaneuver guards, surprise them from behind and ultimately take them out. Most environments leave several routes open to proceed.

Gameplay is further decked out with enhancement abilities, which feature superhuman skills. For instance, characters can crush enemies from afar, akin to Darth Vader’s power in Star Wars.

Upon its release in June, Dark received heavy backlash for being poorly designed, with basic combat that would get infuriating through glitches and various other problems. It subsequently sank to the bottom of critical approval on Metacritic. That’s probably why the game is receiving such a massive discount already.

It really tries to bring a different type of stealth action game, within its shoddy design. Its abilities are diverse and leave room for experimentation within the large worlds, even if progress is slow. If you wanted to see what the fuss is about though, now would be the time.

Don’t forget that shopping at Gamersgate also rewards you with Blue Coins that you can use to purchase games later. It’s even cheaper if you look at it that way.