Tearaway Papercraft Plans Locations ‘Papercraft Enthusiast’ Guide

Media Molecule’s Tearaway is turning out to be a pretty excellent game, It has a bunch of unique mechanics that many other games have yet to take advantage of. The way that you control a gameworld made of paper using the touch pad and touch screen of the PS Vita is fascinating.

The story revolves around a messenger on a mission to deliver a unique message to the player. At the beginning of the game players can choose whether to play as the male character, Iota, or the female, Atoi.

Tearaway Papercraft Plans Locations

Tearaway has a significant number of collectibles that players can gather, however for this guide we’ll be focusing on ‘Papercraft Plans’. These are objects you receive by taking photographs of white objects that have had their color drained. Here’s where you can find them:

Standing Stones

Papercraft Plan #1 – Bull Mummer
Location. In The Standing Stones Chapter, you can find this thing in the bushes behind the first Basketball hoop, in the Gopher area.

Papercraft Plan #2 – Oak Tree
Location. At the end of the chapter, you’ll come to a big open area, you’ll find this on the right hand side. Hard to miss since it’s so big.

Papercraft Plan #3 – Cone Face
Location. There is a red path that winds up towards the left side of the same clearing. You’ll find it in the boshes before long.

Papercraft Plan #4 – Horse Mummer
Location. This one isn’t difficult to find. At the end of the chapter, you’ll find this on a cliff near the exit.

Wassail Orchard

Papercraft Plan #5 – Squirrel King
Location. Right after the area where you’re jumping across a bunch of drums, you will find this papercraft plan.

Papercraft Plan #6 – Crocus
Location. Climb on up the drums and before long you’ll come across a pure white flower. This is it.

Papercraft Plan #7 – Conifer
Location. As you progress through the level, you’ll come to a fork with two bridges in front of you. One will be green and the other will be brown. Switch to camera view and look right to find this thing.

Papercraft Plan #8 – Wall Flower
Location. At a point after the last Plan, you’ll lower some apples into water. You’ll climb up to a new platform where there is a bridge. You can find this papercraft after the bridge.

Papercraft Plan #9 – Drum
Location. Eventually, as you progress through the drumming ritual, you’ll come to platform with a dancing apple. You can spot the Drum behind the apple.

Maypole Fields

Papercraft Plan #10 – Winter Tree
Location. When you enter the field after riding the pig, you’ll see this plan behind a fence.

Papercraft Plan #11 – Standing Stone
Location. North of the snowy area is a Conehead Mummer. You can find this Plan to the right of the Mummer, behind a fence.

Papercraft Plan #12 – Wheat
Location. You’ll find this Plan behind a fence on the north side of the Barn.

Papercraft Plan #13 – Carousel
Location. You’ll find this one back at the start where you entered the fields. Pretty easy to spot.

The Barn

Papercraft Plan #14 – Marrow
Location. After you lower the first weight with acorns, you can take it up and find this Plan pretty easily.

Papercraft Plan #15 – Pumpkin
Location. After you lower the second weight with acorns, you can take it up, and head right to find this one.

Papercraft Plan #16 – Seed Mummer
Location. Eventually you’ll learn how to roll. When you reach this point, go right to find this Plan.

Papercraft Plan #17 – Mouse
Location. Take the elevator that drops down after you fight the Scraps on stilts, then look at the ledge to the left with the man standing on it. Roll into the mousehole behind him to find this.

Gibbet Hill

Papercraft Plan #18 – Elk
Location. Cross the paper bridge in the beginning of the chapter and proceed over a total of 4 purple ramps. After you go over these you’ll find this Elk.

Papercraft Plan #19 – Torch
Location. Shortly after you pass the Scarecrow and give him back his head for the second time will be a section where you’re messing around with some extendable bridges. There is a part where you have to go up a ramp onto two extended bridges. You’ll find the torch here.

Papercraft Plan #20 – Heart Mummer
Location. Continue moving until you raise one of the extenders with you standing on it and this guy will talk to you.

Papercraft Plan #21 – Cabin
Location. After the fight with the scraps after the third scarecrow head, there is a large banner in the next area, you’ll find this cabin behind it, in the corner.

Crash Site

Papercraft Plan #22 – Pine Tree Sapling
Location. Pretty easy to find in this colorfulk forest right in the beginning. Just look for the whitewashed little tree as the chapter begins.

Papercraft Plan #23 – Mushroom
Location. You’ll find this one just after the barrier obstructing your way is consumed.

Papercraft Plan #24 – Apple
Location. A while later, you’ll find yourself lowering some doors for your friend to pass through. You’ll see the big apple off in the distance to your right.

The Harbour

Papercraft Plan #25 – Buoy
Location. Around the front of the lighthouse, you’ll be able to spot this bobbing in the water.

Papercraft Plan #26 – Chief Scientist
Location. Enter the house from the Buoy and you’ll find a room full of paintings. Use the Squeezebox on the one with a pinwheel and you’ll reveal a secret room with this plan in it.

Papercraft Plan #27 – Oyster
Location. You’ll see the oyster plan if you go down onto the beach. Turn left while facing the water to see it.

Wendigo Fissure

Papercraft Plan #28 – Gopher
Location. You’ll find this little guy running around in the opening area.

Papercraft Plan #29 – Pinecone
Location. You’ll come to this one after passing the first glue wall. When you’re jumping across the drums to reach the next area, there will be some Wendigos throwing things at you. There will be a plan near one of them.

Papercraft Plan #30 – Leafy Tree
Location. This one is pretty hard to miss. After the two sections that collapse, this will be seen in the foreground.

Papercraft Plan #31 – Drill
Location. Near the end, there will be some large holes in the ground. You’ll find this plan in pne of the last ones on the left.

The Lab

Papercraft Plan #32 – Scientist
Location. You’ll see this guy when you head down from the lobby into the lab proper.

Papercraft Plan #33 – Computer
Location. You can easily see this plan above you when you’re making your way past the squeezeboxes.

Papercraft Plan #34 – Squeeze box
Location. Eventually you’ll get to a section where you need to navigate a ball using some fans. You’ll find the Squeezebox in the next section.

Papercraft Plan #35 – Tall Chair
Location. You can find this plan right at the end of the level. It’ll be inside the Chief Scientist’s office.

The Caverns

Papercraft Plan #36 – Present
Location. A little way past the squirrel that’s lost it’s football is an island you can jump onto to the right. Do so and follow the path to find this.

Papercraft Plan #37 – Scrap
Location. As you proceed, you will eventually find a pipe that you can jump into along the way. This will take you to a higher platform, there you’ll find this little guy.

Papercraft Plan #38 – Docker
Location. Soon you’ll come to a section where you spin some pinwheels to reveal jump pads. Go to the seconds one and you’ll be able to mount a tall platform to the right with it. Pull out the camera and you’ll see the plan to the right.

Papercraft Plan #39 – Wendigo
Location. You’ll find this pretty easily on your way. It’ll simply be a washed out wendigo trapped in a cage.

Between the Pages

Papercraft Plan #40 – Waterlily
Location. You’ll find this near the beginning, after bouncing across the bounce pad wall. It’ll be far below.

Papercraft Plan #41 – Beehive
Location. There will come two spinning books that you much cross. After that you can climb to the top of a third book. From there, go down to find this.

Papercraft Plan #42 – Ink Pot
Location. Almost impossible to miss, you’ll find this one after the section where you’re unwrapping the triangles.

The Desert

Papercraft Plan #43 – Cacti
Location. You’ll find this no problem. It’s right there in the beginning.

Papercraft Plan #44 – Pig
Location. This one isnt easy to miss either. You’ll find this no problem.

Papercraft Plan #45 – Desert Bush
Location. You’ll find this when you get off the pig. It’ll be to the right, on a higher platform.

Papercraft Plan #46 – Water Tower
Location. Eventually there will be a cactus that talk to you and a bridge on your left. Unroll the bridge and cross it to come to this plan.

The Traveler

Papercraft Plan #47 – Green Man
Location. This can be found right at the beginning. You’ll see the guy on the shelf to the left.

Papercraft Plan #48 – Snowflake
Location. Soon after, you’ll get a cutscene about another messenger. This plan willl be seen to the right.

Papercraft Plan #49 – Sunflower
Location. This will be found on the way, keep an eye on the right when you’re doing the section where you’re guiding another messenger. It’s on top of what appears to be a bookshelf.

The Tear

Papercraft Plan #50 – Butterfly
Location. You can find this plan right next to you at the beginning, after you jump and land.

Papercraft Plan #51 – Pinetree
Location. In the same area as the first plan, you can see this on a floating rock ahead of you.

Papercraft Plan #52 – Woodspirit Mummer
Location. After navigating a series of pink ramps, you’ll come to a section with a tilting platform. Use the camera view here while standing next to the squirrel-like thing and look around to find this plan on a rock that’s floating about.

Papercraft Plan #53 – Basketball Hoop
Location. You’ll find this one easily. It’s right after the squirrel that crashes to the ground in front of you.