SWTOR: New Galactic Starfighter Trailer Highlights Customization

Bioware released a trailer for “Galactic Starfighter” a new expansion for the acclaimed MMORPG Star Wars the Old Republic. The expansion introduces Dogfighting to the game as well as new content.

The Expansion puts the player in the cockpit of a customizable fighter to take the fight up in the stars. Crew Members are introduced in the expansion, each crew member serves a purpose for the ship and proper pairing gives the ship passive bonuses to help the player in combat.

The Crew Members also can serve as co-pilots who act as the ship’s voice, taunting the enemy or warning of danger, as well as give the player a special ability.

Winning battles rewards the player “Requisition” which serves as Experience Points as well as in-game currency, enabling the player to unlock new abilities and buy upgrades for the ship.

Requisition is of two types: Ship and Fleet, the difference being Value only. Despite giving the Paying Players a headstart and easy access to high level upgrades, Bioware plans on making all the content in the Expansion available for Free Player to purchase via the in-game currency.

Watch the New Galactic Starfighter Trailer for SWTOR above, and let us know what you feel about the customization factor in the expansion.

Galactic Starfighter is available to Subscribers, will be available to preferred status players starting January 14th while the Free Players will have access to the Expansion on February 4th, 2014.