Survarium to be Released in Late 2014, Beta Goes Live in Couple of Weeks

Survarium is a massively multiplayer online first person shooting role playing game with survival elements and it is going to be a free to play.

Survarium is inspired by the STALKER universe and was announced after STALKER 2 got cancelled. Now we have learnt from the developers that Survarium’s release date will be somewhere in the second quarter of 2014. It is being developed by a group that was involved in the creation of STALKER now working as developing house named Vostok Games.

Eurogamer talked to Andriyash Kozlovsky from the developer studio to learn that the closed beta of Survarium will be out within a week or two.

Up until now the game was in a closed alpha state – restricted to Russia only. As of this moment the developers are sending out invitations to players who registered themselves for the closed beta.

In case you’d want to take part in that, here’s where you would want to go. Kozlovsky further disclosed that although no one could put a finger on a specific release date yet, they intend the UK release of Survarium to be somewhere in the second half of 2014.

Vostok Games was founded by disbanded members of STALKER developer GSC Game World in March 2012 and a month later they had announced Survarium.

Do you think the game would be worth a shot?