Project Spark Beta Has Begun Exclusively on Windows 8.1

Ever Since its announcement at E3, Project Spark has been sparking interest all over the globe with its world and game builder features. After a wait of five months the beta version of the game is here, finally.

For now it is a closed beta version that will be run on Windows 8.1, Xbox One users are expected to get their share sometime early in the next year.

A post on Xbox Wire has announced that Microsoft and Team Dakota have started inviting those players to the closed beta who had registered on the game’s website previously.

In Project Spark Beta, you will get to see how everything is possible in the game. You jump into an open world sandbox game, create your own battle arenas and then invite your friends to complete those games.

You will be able to play what others have created, take part in adventures and of course create games in the crossroads mode. Bending, shaping and molding the world into your very own sculpture of art; you can give it the look you want, add biomes and paint it with the color you love.

Though no exact release date for the game has been announced yet, the Project Spark Beta for Xbox One and Windows 8.1 will continue until the release of the game in 2014.