Playstation Vita God of War Collection Up For Preorder At Gamestop

A version of God of War Collection for Playstation Vita has appeared on Gamestop and is available for preorder. Though a release date is still pending, the order would cost $39.99.

This collection was previously also dropped onto Playstation 3. It contains the original God of War and its sequel, God of War II. These titles were originally released for Playstation 2.

Naturally, the versions for Playstation Vita feature improved high resolutions. Both games would be contained on one PS Vita memory stick. They would have separate trophies for both iterations.

Looking at the franchise’s history, this could be only a piece-by-piece release. Prior packs on Playstation 3 also contained HD remakes for the PSP releases with the Origins Collection. Furthermore, the whole campaign has been released in a bundle before, named the God of War Saga.

In God of War, players embark on a journey with the violent warrior Kratos. His rage is so vast that the man goes up against the gods themselves.

Its first appearance redefined what third-person action would feel like, with fast paced combat that could handle multiple enemies at a time. Levels were also constructed to be one long section strung together in cinematic parts.

Kratos quickly became an icon for the Playstation exclusive series. His brutal demeanor have made him a snappy character to introduce into fighting titles ever since.

He can be seen in games like SoulCalibur or the Mortal Kombat reboot from 2011. Since he has a certain mascot status, he’s also a prominent choice of character in the brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, which features a lineup of Sony brand fighters.