PlayStation 3 Software Update 4.53 Brings System Stability

Just because the PlayStation 4 has released doesn’t mean that Sony will be forgetting the PlayStation 3 any time soon. A software update 4.53 has been released, which is purely optional but is said to “improve system stability” and add a bunch of features.

Users can now access visibility options from where they can restrict groups of players to not be able to see your trophies. Additionally, you can also specify for each game whether to show trophies or not.

Furthermore, you can now set your console to automatically start each day at a specified time and download content or system software. To enable the feature set Settings > System Settings > Automatic Update to On.

There’s a new option of “Closed Captions Settings” added under Settings > Video Settings. The update also renames PlayStationNetwork to simply PSN.

The PlayStation 4 is now available for purchase in both North America and Europe. The system is doing remarkably well, and Sony was very content in announcing that they have so far sold over 2 million units.

The company’s financial year has noted they have to sell at least 5 million consoles by March 31, 2014. With Christmas approaching and then the Japanese launch in February, Sony could very well pull off that feat.