Playism Localizes EF-12 For Custom 3D Fighting

Publisher Playism has localized an English version for EF-12, a customizable fighting game. This PC release is available for a pay-what-you-want price, starting at just $1.

It’s quite an impressively facilitating tool, nearly resembling a pure fighting game engine, as anything in the game can be made to custom tastes. Straight out the box, you’ll get a 3D fighting game with circular arena, the likes of which you’d know from franchises like Tekken or SoulCalibur.

These 3D models can be fully adapted to will in a variety of styles. There are options available for either realistic visuals or more cell-shaded samples. For those who know what they’re doing, you can import your rigs from 3D rendering software like Maya, 3DS Max or Blender.

If you’d like to step into that process, we recommend giving Sculptris a spin, as it makes easy 3D models from scratch. From there, you could hop into Blender. Should you do that though, try to read up on optimizing triangle counts or you’ll need a pretty heavy PC.

Should you fail at all things modding, you can still catch up on tutorials in the game to get you started. Barring even that, it’s possible to use other people’s creations, by putting them in the appropriate folder.

Behavior for fighters can be adjusted on the fly, by using spreadsheets. That’s the optimal way to ensure a balanced game, since fighters can also vastly differ in stature.

For the finishing touches, you can decide what background you’d like to have and what time of the day it is. Filling in the rest, music and sound effects can be imported as well. They thought of everything.

Games like these can end up growing significantly through their community. A 2D counterpart for this exists in M.U.G.E.N, which has spawned characters across every plausible franchise in the world, from Mario to Chuck Norris.

EF-12 is currently also vying for attention on Steam Greenlight.