Monster Hunter 4 Tops 4 Million in Japanese Sales

Capcom’s action role playing frenzy Monster Hunter 4 hit Japan on September 14 this year and in just a little over two and a half months, the game has managed to move more than 4 million copies in the region.

Monster Hunter 4 is the tenth game in the Monster Hunter series and the first in its fourth generation. Received pretty well by most of the critics, it was expected to perform well commercially and it did.

According to a post on Capcom’s website, this figure includes the sales of the downloadable version through download cards and the Nintendo eShop as well. If Capcom has already sold 4m copies of the game before Christmas, it would be interesting to see the after-Christmas sales.

Monster Hunter 4 deviates from its predecessors insofar as the graphics are concerned, it focuses more on the three-dimensional movements, and the run is more fluid. There is no underwater battling but the greatest number of NPCs in any Monster Hunter game before it.

Looking at how in the first two weeks of Monster Hunter 4’s release in Japan, it sold nearly 2.8 million units, the figure of 4 million is just what we expected.

Monster Hunter 4 is a Nintendo 3DS only game released back on September 14 in Japan with the Korean release slated for December 14.