Microsoft Releases Xbox One Infograph, Over 90 Million Zombies Killed

Shortly after the launch of the PlayStation 4 last month, Sony announced that their next-gen console sold over a million units in just the first 24 hours. Microsoft contested that with their own milestone of the Xbox One crossing 1 million units sold within the same 24-hour period.

That was followed by Sony announcing today that their console has now sold over 2.1 million as of December 1, 2013. Naturally, we expected Microsoft to drop in their figures of crossing the 2 million threshold. However, the company instead offered an update on game statistics for their exclusive launch titles.

The Xbox One was launched on November 22, so it’s been just under two weeks that players have managed to kill over three billion zombies in Dead Rising 3.

Forza Motorsport 5 has seen to over 90 million miles been driven by players across its beautiful locations. Over a 150 million combos have been executed in their brawler Killer Instinct, and over 186 million enemies have been put to the sword in Ryse: Son of Rome.

Microsoft may eventually provide its worldwide sales figures for the console by the time the holidays approach. Even with a shaky start, the Xbox One has been received well and next-gen really is looking like a great turnout for the video games industry.