Humble Jumbo Bundle Brings Magicka and Orcs Must Die 2 Among Others

The Humble Team keeps adding new offers to their website; we have grown acquainted to that. What we have not been able to put behind our minds is how impressive those deals are.

The Humble Jumbo Bundle will be evidence to the same.

The Humble Website is running The Humble Jumbo Bundle offer right now which gets you six “top tier” titles. To break down the offer, you pay what you want and get Natural Selection 2, Sanctum 2 and Magicka with two additional packs of downloadable content.

Three more games are given to those who would be generous enough to pay more than the average purchase. The additional games are Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack, Garry’s Mod and Serious Sam 3: BFE.

If you head there right now, you will have to pay at least $4.11 in order to receive the additional games in the Humble Jumbo Bundle – the current average purchase is $4.10. Just to give you an idea of how crazy the discount is; if you get all these games separately, they will cost you around $165!

The Humble Team offers games with temporary discounts and divides the receiving between themselves, the publishers and charitable organizations.

How interested are you in this?