The Holiday Express Train Simulator Drops On Steam In Time For The Season

Steam has added a topical game with the arrival of The Holiday Express in its catalog. This themed title costs just €2.99 throughout the season’s period and will revert to a less festive price of €13.99 on January 3, 2014.

Players embark on the Richie Rails ‘Electric’ Holiday Express, where they venture through a house filled with seasonal cheer. It’s possible to partake in a set of missions or just spin freely across the wooden floor of the room.

Locations are arranged between different sections of the house, such as going underneath tables, passing the TV set and so on. Along the way, you’ll meet toy soldiers, presents, building blocks and more charming tidbits.

There are secret routes spaced out across the network for added roaming joy. Multiple tracks can guide you to wherever you want to go.

The Holiday Express is an offshoot from the Train Simulator yearly releases from developer In good news, this seasonal title does not need the base game of Train Simulator 2014, in order to work.

You can start digging into your holiday cheer after a download of approximately 1GB. They should totally try to crossover with The Polar Express, which features a similar theme.

This seemingly bland genre of games is part of a current boom for simple simulation titles. Other notable examples include the console breach for titles like Farming Simulator or the oddly popular Euro Truck Simulator on Steam.

If there’s still a type of simulation you’d like to see as a game, now would be the time to speak up.