DriveClub to be a PlayStation 4 Launch Title in Japan

It was indeed a sorry state of affairs when the whole world got shunned from being able to play DriveClub as a PlayStation 4 launch title. Japanese folks on the other hand, are a bit luckier as they will be getting PlayStation 4 late in February as a launch title for the console.

The news came out through a post on the official website of PlayStation Japan where a list of all the launch titles was uploaded by the company.

Although the whole website is in Japanese everyone can pick out the words DriveClub written in English block letters.

The page dedicated to DriveClub on the Japanese website gives the release date to be February 22, 2014 along with the price of the game i.e. 5145 Yen including taxes.

DriveClub was originally supposed to be released in US and UK as a launch title on November 15 and November 29 respectively, but it was delayed owing to development issues that needed more time.

Well, at least a longer wait on the part of Japan’s gaming community has earned them a better launch title game to play.

Sony has previously conveyed that they are planning to give the game a UK, US and Australian release in the first quarter of 2014, could it be that they release the game together all over the world?