Battlefield 4 Level Cap Increased to 110 with China Rising DLC

A lot of things are happening around Battlefield 4; we have the ongoing double XP week which came as a token of appreciation from DICE and following that, Battlefield 4’s first DLC China Rising has been released.

Yet another treat came in silently; the level cap of Battlefield 4 was increased to 110.

Although DICE didn’t announce it officially. Most of you would have noticed that the previous level cap of hundred has now been extended to 110.

Moreover, if you see a Battlefield 4 player with a pink colored rank 101 or above on the scoreboards, he/she is not hacker, so do not panic. Pink colored rank is just another token of appreciation from DICE.

China Rising DLC gets you four massive maps, using all-new vehicles and high-tech military equipment along with a chance to dominate the Chinese mainland.