If You’re Going to Pirate ‘Pixel Piracy,’ Then Do It Right

Steam Greenlight title Pixel Piracy is being offered as a free download by the game’s developers Vitali Kirpu and Alex Poysky in an attempt to compromise users who will pirate the game regardless.

The compromise comes in the form of a clean download, to safeguard your systems against possible viruses that are usually part of torrents found on the web.

“We aren’t idiots, we aren’t high,” reads a statement on the game’s official website.

“We believe that anyone who wants to pirate our game will do so anyways, and feel it’s a much safer bet to offer those people the official link to our game in hopes that they keep their computer’s virus free.”

However, the developers add, “not everything is about money, and we want to thank those that pirate our title and actually give them the opportunity to do so with our blessing, while giving them an opportunity to actually make good on the piracy itself.”

Was this statement a way to market their indie title? Perhaps. Back in April, indie developer Phil Fish tried something similar, telling the community to pirate his game if they aren’t pleased with the price. The results were FEZ becoming the number 1 sold game on Steam.

Pixel Piracy is a “pirate captain simulator” where players hire crews, build their ship block by block and ransack villages in an attempt to become the most feared pirate. The game will typically cost between $10 to $15.

You can support the title on Steam Greenlight here in the meantime.