Turn Your Xbox One Into a Dev Kit at the Risk of Bricking Your Console

Following up on Microsoft’s statement earlier this year that every Xbox One can be turned into a DevKit, Reddit user Liam Hing has posted a picture showcasing just that.

“With a simple button combination in System you can enable developer settings,” said Liam, “obviously you’ll most likely need to be a registered dev with ID@Xbox, but when they said it would happen they delivered.”

Initially, the news was taken as a rumor but now a Xbox One developer has responded that it’s true. However, he warns not to tinker around with it for the time being or else risk bricking your console.

“Please don’t mess with anything here for the time being, especially the sandbox ID,” commented a dev on Liam’s post. “You risk putting your box into a boot loop.”

Kotaku has also received a similar statement warning everyone that “changing the settings in this menu is only intended for developers for Xbox One, and this alone does not turn the console into a development kit.

“We strongly advise consumers against changing these settings as it could result in their Xbox One becoming unusable. Customers who have put their consoles into this developer setting can revert by restoring factory defaults under Settings / System, select Restore Factory Defaults.”

The ID@Xbox program is still being worked on and it’s going to be some time before the features are made available to the public.

“There are many concerns such as privacy, security, stability etc.., that need to be sorted out before we can allow anyone and everyone to simply sideload an app onto their box,” told a Xbox developer.

So things are looking good but again, we will strongly recommend that you don’t try turning Xbox One Into a Dev Kit for the time being as it may cost you the console.