Tainted Fate Pre-Alpha Demo Shows Scary Open World Adventure

A playable version of Tainted Fate has been released, showing off Pre-Alpha gameplay for the first-person adventure game. Some may find some resemblance to a crude version of Amnesia right now.

In the PC title, you’ll roam around different environments freely, to uncover a to-be-determined plotline. Story switches from a protagonist in the 1940’s, to a different character in modern times.

Right now, the demo won’t have those elements, but just some dynamic locations and a few placeholder monsters.

Visuals stick to basic 3D models and flat textures for their blocky surroundings, which keeps the focus on the gameplay elements. Still, a lighting element should be part of the scope, seeing as the main character brandishes an oil lamp sometimes.

Other than that, it’s possible to find some weapons, like a chainsaw or an axe. You’ll need these to fend off some rudimentary enemies charging you.

Locales alter from the inside of buildings to caves, each with an eerie atmosphere. There should also be a day and night cycle implemented in the game.

There may be a few surprising events in the demo. For instance, the latest build of the game features destructible environment that crumbles around you.

Downloading the file comes in at around 400Mb of space. Once story elements will start appearing in the game, developer MistfitVillage mentions that the demo versions will end.

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