Project Threshold to Unite Microsoft Windows, Xbox One & Windows Phones?

There are whispers in the air, whispers that suggest an impressive change in our consoles, mobiles and PCs.

It is being rumored that Microsoft is currently working on Threshold, a venture aimed at unifying Xbox One, Windows Mobiles and Windows in their facilities and features.

Well, looking at the interface of the three it was either that I had this haunch or maybe it was pretty much evident to everyone that Microsoft was aiming at a unified technology. Bringing together the three major gadgets used by today’s generation could certainly be impressive.

According to ZDNet’s sources, the code-name Threshold was mentioned by Executive Vice President Terry Myerson in an internal email where he motioned towards the unified operating system engineering group at Microsoft.

When and if Threshold rolls out, it will add an update to the three platforms, letting them share more elements with each other. Another element could be a single app store for all three of the platforms as well as the same or similar developer toolset.

The key elements that would be touched by the Threshold, according to the post, would be high value activities like Office, Bing services and Intune etc.

Well, you have all the comments space to tell us what you make of it – go ahead, shoot.