NECA Announces Action Figure for ‘Diablo’ and Prop Replica El’Druin

Have you been waiting for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls? I wonder if you’d like something to get you in the mood before the expansion pack arrives. How about a deluxe action figure of the living nightmare that even demons dread? How about having Diablo himself on your bedside table!

NECA has announced that they are releasing figure of Blizzards’ RPG’s namesake Diablo as well as a prop replica of El’Druin, the Sword of Justice. Both the items will be out in the markets early next year.

The Diablo Lord of Terror action figure is a 9 inch tall statue with a foot long tail and 25 articulation points. Every inch of the spiky beast has been hand painted. For those of you who would want to put one to their name before the actual release date, it is currently available for pre-order here for $24.99 (after a $5 discount).

Prop Replica El’Druin, the Sword of Justice, the recreation of Archangel Tyreal’s sword is around three and a half feet long and made straight from the files used in the game. It even comes with a blue LED that lights the hilt depicting heavenly protective powers. Again, you can pre-order it here for $59.99 (after a discount of $10).


How many of the fans among you are crazy enough to order these for themselves?