Entrada Interactive’s ‘Miscreated’ Enters Pre-Alpha Testing

Developer Entrada Interactive has officially announced that Pre-Alpha testing for their indie post-apcalyptic, survival-based multiplayer title Miscreated has begun.

The initial wave of invitations have been handed out to a small number of people who have been active on their community. More invitations will be sent out in the days to come.

In the mean time, you can check out the game’s Steam Greenlight page and if it catches your interest, support its crowdfunding effort.

Miscreated is set in the future where the Earth has been ravaged by two nuclear wars. Most of mankind has been wiped out and those who have unfortunately survived, struggle each day to find food and water.

Additionally players will have to salvage for weapons and gear as well to defend themselves from the hard wasteland. The nuclear radiation has caused most humans to mutate into mindless “grotesque” creatures. You’ll have your hands full when playing this game.

Miscreated is powered by CryEngine and is now available for pre-orders.

Source: Miscreated Game