Leaked GTA Online Content Creator Tool’s Videos Show Menu and Interface

Quite a handful of leaks have arisen around the Grand Theft Auto world.

We reported recently how the addition of a casino was leaked shortly followed by a more important leak regarding GTA Online Content Creator details. This time around, videos have been leaked that show the interface of the Content Creator Tool.

The GTA Online content creator tool was initially promised by Rockstar in the game’s announcement trailer but has not been released so far. The recent detail leak and now the videos suggest that the tool’s release might not be too far down the line now.

These new videos show how the GTA Online content creator tool’s interface and menus might look like. We use the word might because there I no guarantee that this is the final version.

Other than that, the current version of the tool is letting the user create races and deathmatches; so far there is no footage on missions which suggests that there will be changes made to the content creator tool before it is released to the public.

You see how you will be able to decide where weapons will be placed in a top down view of Los Santos, as well as where the character will be spawned. You can also add the time of the day, traffic volume and player caps to the game as per your wishes.

How eager are you for this one?