Free Guild of Dungeoneering Alpha Lets You Control The Map, Not The Hero

Independent developer Gambrinous has released a free playable Guild of Dungeoneering Alpha. In this PC title, players create their own levels, while an adventurer roams through it and faces whatever is placed on the screen.

Instead of controlling the character within, in this game you will command how the environment will look. To help you in this endeavor, you’ll be presented a set of cards each turn.

Art is a mixture of pencil sketches, along with pixel graphics for monsters and loot.  Since this is just an early version of the game, most of this should be placeholder art. If not, it could do with some slight animations, since this tabletop game tribute feels a bit static like this.

With cards, you’ll be able to put down either treasure, equipment, monsters or additional rooms. Each turn, three cards have to either be put down or discarded.

As gameplay progresses, players accumulate Hope and Dread points, which grant access to bigger drops on both side of the spectrum. You’ll also need to pay attention to your life counter.

From what we’ve played, the idea of building your own dungeon could make for some challenging gameplay. Still, the Alpha version has some backtracking issues, with the hero’s random behavior leading to a ton of back and forth between just a few areas.

Hopefully, additions will think of ways to sort of funnel the character through a desired path, even if it takes away from the loss of control the game wants to portray. It is, however, exciting to toy around with the random element of cards and strategizing what to put down and where.

Guild of Dungeoneering should release on PC and mobile devices in early 2014.