Free 8-Bit Master Spy Demo Does a Pretty Good Job

Stealth action games can hold multiple forms, with developer Turbogun’s latest project called Master Spy taking the genre to a speedier concept in their new demo. Gamers can find a free build up on the game’s website right now.

You’ll be able to play the game right in your browser, which comes with a few easy to understand controls. It shouldn’t take you longer than a few seconds to load the whole thing, for a string of different playable levels.

Art is modeled after the classic 8-bit era, complete with minimalist sounds, color palettes and distinctive scrolling cutscenes, reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden.

Each level is divided by just a few simple platforms. Some will undoubtedly be populated by well-synchronized enemies, such as guards, dogs and cameras.

Between each obstacle, there is only a brief amount of space and time where a master spy can slip, to obtain documents and leave the area. Should things be unavoidable, a disguising cloak will render the agent invisible, but that impedes movement.

Here, the trick is to find the right path and complete it accurately and without doubt. One slip and the operative will be caught, which will prompt a restart.

Pacing in the game is set high, with guards rapidly changing direction to cover any area at a second’s notice. Therefore, you won’t be crawling or hiding like in other games, such as Assassin’s Creed.

Instead, you’ll be sprinting, cloaking and sprinting again to try to slip right through the cracks in between coverage.

We spent a few levels trying it out and what this demonstration shows is already quite engaging. Every level usually introduces a simple new gameplay element that drives up the challenge even further, urging players to beat that obstacle as well.

Master Spy will have 50 levels across 5 different environments in total. It releases on PC in early 2014.