Double Fine’s The Cave Launched on Ouya Today

Double Fine Productions’ puzzle platformer, The Cave has been released to the Android based gaming console Ouya.

The news that The Cave would be tunneling towards Ouya had come out in February this year when Double Fine producer Greg Rice confirmed it. Development of the game was started after the announcement was made.

Launch of The Cave to Ouya was officially announced through a tweet of the developer’s Twitter profile and an announcement post on Ouya’s official website.

The announcement on their website reads:

Experience the detailed, stunning art style and humor that only Double Fine and Ron Gilbert can dream up.”

The Cave for Ouya will include hotspots like a subterranean amusement park, medieval castle, and fully armed nuclear research facility for you to take your characters into and delve deeper into the game to find out what is more important to each one of them.

Just like the original game, this version will also have seven playable characters namely the Monk, Adventurer, Hillbilly, Scientist, Twins, Knight and Time Traveler. Each one of these characters hold a unique personality that comes with their own set of talents and motivations for their voyage into The Cave.

It is good to see more games being developed for the newly released console. Looking at how Ouya is very modestly priced at $99, it could be a great deal for some of those who are either new to gaming, want to try out something new or simply do not want to spend hundreds of bucks on a console.

The addition of Ouya to the list makes the number of platforms that the game is available on rise to eight. Previously, it has PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and iOS versions.