Battlefield 4 China Rising Expansion Out Today For Premium Members Except for PS4

If you’re a Premium member for Battlefield 4, you can download the China Rising expansion today. This is the first large addition from the popular shooter that is available to all platforms.

Battlefield 4 China Rising adds a large pack of new content. In total, 4 maps, 5 weapons, 2 gadgets, 2 vehicles and a new game mode are included in this batch. We’ll list all of them below:


  • Silk Road: A snowy desert map with an airfield, named after the Chinese trade route.
  • Altai Range: Mountainous area with valleys in the middle of China.
  • Guilin Peaks: A collection of caves, jungles and agricultural locations.
  • Dragon Pass: Aquatic map with many small islands, inspired by the Battlefield 2 map of the same name.


  • MTAR-21: Engineer main weapon for close quarters.
  • MP7: Personal defense weapon with bigger magazine.
  • RPK-74M: Primary light machine gun for Support class.
  • L85A2: Primary assault rifle
  • L96A1: Sniper rifle for Recon kit.


  • UCAV:  Unmanned combat air vehicle for Support kit.
  • SUAV: Small unarmed air vehicle for Recon kit.


  • Dirt Bike
  • Bomber

The new game mode sees the return of Air Superiority, which was included in a few iterations before. You’re tasked with clearing certain control points from enemy aircrafts.

Prior to China Rising, Battlefield 4 already released Second Assault as a timed exclusive expansion for Xbox owners.

Those who do not have Premium Member status will need to wait for China rising until December 17, 2013. It will cost $14.99.

In more Battlefield 4 news, the patch that should resolve one-hit kills is due today for all platforms, except the Playstation 4. On the PS4, the update is undergoing “additional testing.”