2013 Indie of the Year Begins with 11,000 Nominies

IndieDB has been crowning the best independent games each year based on the player’s choice since 2008. Each year, players round up and vote on the game that they think deserves to be known as the best indie game of the year.

This year too, you have the chance to make your opinion counted, the 2013 Indie of the Year has started.

Up to 11,000 games have been nominated and as of this moment you have 7 days 8 hours and 10 minutes remaining until the end of voting. After that the top 100 games will be announced. Another 10 days of voting will slash them down until we have the 2013 Indie of the Year.

Scott Reismanis, the Founder of IndieDB, commented:

“Indie DB has grown massively this year, as indies continue their meteoric rise propelled by Sony, Microsoft and all publishers looking to score the next indie darling. Nominations have already started to pour in, and it is exciting to see the games jostling for a spot in the top 100 which will be announced on the 11th of December.”

Previously, Minecraft has been given the award in 2010, followed by Terraria in 2011. The last year winner was Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – from a total of 78,000 votes.

Among the hundreds of hopefuls this year, which one do you think will be joining these games for 2013 Indie of the Year?