Total War: Rome 2 Expansion Caesar in Gaul Costs €14.99, Fans Aren’t Happy

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced a separate campaign addition to Total War: Rome 2, called Caesar in Gaul. It will release on December 12, 2013 for PC at a price of €14.99.

Its scope condenses the full range of territory from the large map in the base game to just the Southern part of Brittania. This will be expanded upon considerably and receive 18 provinces, which hold their own settlements and stack of resources.

More so, the campaign will have access to its own generals that lead their respective factions. For instance, Rome will be populated by Julius Caesar himself, assisted by Mark Anthony and so on.

Time factors into the expansion differently than the main campaign and so goes from 58BC to 51BC. To compensate, players will take 24 turns per year.

A different schedule means that gameplay is also tightened up. For instance, seasons will make a return to have weather elements affect turns.

Multiplayer games should also take less time than their regular counterpart. You’ll be up against 48 factions, so you’ve got your work cut out.

Factions in Caesar of Gaul will be seen in the main campaign as well. People like the Nervii, the Boii and the Galatians will be playable in the full release.

These groups have their own set of units. Alongside these men, you’ll be able to find new auxiliary and mercenary armies as well.

Meanwhile, in the Total War forums, the news of a large new chunk of content at the cost of main game improvements has hit a snare. Comments on the reveal are packed with criticism over not releasing patches that fix the troubled release of Total War: Rome 2.