The Walking Dead Season 2: ‘All That Remains’ to Feature Omid

Telltale Games released a new screenshot today from The Walking Dead Season 2, confirming the return of one of the major characters.

The final episode of the first season showed a less than likely chance of Omid and his girlfriend Christa surviving the wrath of the undead. Good news for fans though, the screenshot above confirms that Omid would be returning for the new season.

However, what of the fate of Christa? It could very well be that Christa met a fate worse than death and similar to the first season, Telltale would be rolling out an emotional roller coaster telling how she ended up.

In the screenshot, Omid and Clementine are shown at Gil’s Pitstop, the central location of Season 1’s 400 Days DLC.

The first episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two is called ‘All That Remains’ and will release for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this month. Other platforms will on a follow later. It will be priced at £19 / $25.