PlayStation 4 Beats PSP to Become the Fastest Selling Console in UK

Here’s another feather in Sony’s next-gen cap. The PlayStation 4 was launched last week in UK and since then has gone on to become the PlayStation 4 Beats PSP to Become Fastest Selling Console in UK’s history.

The record was previously kept by the PlayStation Portable when it was launched in UK back in 2005 with a tune of 185,000 sales. On November 29 though, Sony’s next-gen console rolled right past that figure.

Suffice to say the company’s UK boss Fergal Gara expected this milestone to happen and would be most pleased with the response the PlayStation 4 has gotten so far.

Similar to the launch in North America, the horde of European PlayStation 4 owners trying to log in to the PlayStation Network caused some service disruption over the weekend. Nothing unexpected and the service will be ironed out this week. In the mean time, if you’re unable to log in to the PlayStation Network, stop spamming it and try again a few hours later.

In terms of software sales, Call of Duty: Ghosts is once again the top dog in the UK charts. FIFA 14 saw to impressive next-gen sales but has now fallen back to second place, followed by Battlefield 4. Killzone: Shadow Fall was the best-selling PS4 exclusive and debuted in fourth place.

GTA V has been pushed down to seventh place, just above Need for Speed: Rivals. The most hilarious information out of these charts though is that Knack, the PS4 launch title that was beaten to a pulp by every reviewer, sold more than Super Mario 3D World on Wii U.