Peggle 2 Releases Next Week for Xbox One Only

For those owning an Xbox One, the wait for Peggle 2 is over. The game has been confirmed to be releasing digitally on December 9 for the price of $12, but will be a timed exclusive on Microsoft’s new console. PopCap has not mentioned how long the exclusivity will be but usually it’s a month at least.

Peggle 2 relatively stays similar to the first one, except for new peg types and skill-based trial stages. Two new peg types included in the sequel are an armored peg that requires two hits to be cleared from the board, and a pinball-style bumper that helps projects the ball at high speeds to keep it in play. There’s also a new freezing ability that will cover the arena in ice, causing pegs to slide out of place and crash into one another.

Peggle 2 is going to feature ten stages for all the five Peggle Masters, who according to the developer will have their own campaign. Each stage will have objectives such as clearing all the pegs or reaching a high score, which in turn can then be shared on social networks. Additionally, there will be a ‘Celestial Realm’ world with a bonus ten levels and trials.