The Order: 1886 Release Date Suggested

Ready at Dawn’s PlayStation 4 exclusive ‘The Order: 1886’ looks very promising and with the recent release of the console, we really want to prepare ourselves for when the game finally releases. Fortunately, a series of Tweets made earlier by Sony developers have suggested that the game will be released sometime in Autumn 2014.

Andrea Pessino, founder of Ready at Dawn studios, was speaking with an employee from Sony Santa Monica, Tim Ross, about the European launch the PlayStation 4, when Ross stated that he was looking forward to seeing what Ready at Dawn would do with the console “next fall”.

So far we’ve only been treated to a cinematic reveal of The Order: 1886, and a small batch of concept arts. Sony has yet to give us more details about the game; most of all we’ve yet to see how it looks like in-game.

Concept arts can do little in that department and I for one am anxiously waiting for a proper in-game reveal, which may happen soon.