More Than 7 Million Concurrent Users Were Found on Steam This Weekend

Steam continues to grow in power and popularity, breaking last year’s concurrent users record by more than a million.

According to the latest ‘Steam Game and Player Statistics,’ Valve’s online platform has crossed 7 million concurrent users, which in turn is an increment of more than a million when compared to last year.

More than 65 million users have so far made an account on Steam, and as we approach the end of the year we see that more than 10 percent of that figure play Steam titles at any one given time.

This is also the second year in a row that Steam has successfully managed to increase their concurrent numbers by a whole million. In 2011 Valve revealed that of the 40 million registered accounts back then, 5 million players were online at a given time.

Those figures are impressive to say the least. Specially when we consider the usual morbid debates of the PC industry dying. Valve would be thrilled now to be releasing Steam Machines next year.

If this trend continues and Steam manages to lock in a massive 8 million concurrent figure next year, you can bet on it that there are going to be plenty of early adopters of the living room hardware.

CES 2014 takes place in the first week of January and will see to all major vendors showcasing their versions of the Steam Machines.