Koch Media Buys Struggling Galaxy on Fire Developer Fishlabs

Publisher Koch Media has bought out Galaxy on Fire Developer Fishlabs, after its recent struggles in the industry. This studio is mostly known for their work on the Galaxy on Fire series.

Reports show that Koch Media will overtake the company together with all 52 remaining employees.  They’ll remain stationary in their Hamburg home, but will start working under the Koch Media brand.

This is good news for the developer, which was forced to lay off a sizable portion of its staff in October. To drastically cut costs, Fishlabs founders Michael Schade and Christian Lohr let go 25 people from their marketing, art and programming departments. They have both since left the company, with the news of the buyout.

In recent years, the developer spent most of their time perfecting their Galaxy of Fire series. It’s a space trading game, where players control a ship and cruise through the universe, fighting off assailants and delivering goods.

Outside of their work on the space title, they’ve developed a range of different advertisement games for companies like Volkswagen, Barclaycard and The Coca-Cola Company.

This is one of several expansions that Koch Media has done in recent times. Previously, they had a hand in the buyout of THQ properties, during its bankruptcy.

They’ve acquired developer Volition with subsidiary Deep Silver and released Saints Row IV with them, while they also bought the rights to the Metro series, which delivered Metro: Last Light earlier this year.