Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Coming to Steam This Month

Releasing Just Cause 2 as purely a single-player game was a regretful decision. Luckily, fans of the game decided to invest in some crucial hours and come up with a multiplayer mode that would allow players to perform their dangerous stunts together in a single server.

Following its growing popularity, the game’s developers Avalanche Studios endorsed the mod and today we come to know that the studio is planning on releasing it officially on Steam. A post made on the mod’s forum doesn’t specify when it will be released but does mentions “soon”.

“On release, you’ll be able to download the client and server from Steam, just like a normal game,” reads the post. “This means complete Steam integration, including joining on your friends and more.”

The final beta test for the mod will take place on December 7. If you have a copy of Just Cause 2 and are interested in participating in the beta, head here and snatch a beta key for yourself.

The developers have promised a complete change-log soon. It’s safe to assume that the mod will officially release in the second week of December.

Just Cause 2 is currently on a 50 percent off sale on Steam for $7.5. You have until tomorrow to take advantage of this offer, else purchase it for the usual $15.