God of War’s Todd Pappy Joins Crytek to Work on an Unannounced Game

The very creative mind of Todd Pappy has now been hired by Frankfurt-based developer Crytek to work on an unannounced new project.

Pappy has previously worked as a designer on God of War and God of War 2, and as director of the recent God of War: Ascension from Sony Santa Monica studios.

According to his resume on LinkedIn, he is the “Game Director at Crytek on an unannounced project,” information of which is “coming in the future.”

The news has everyone asking whether Crytek has hired Pappy to work on a sequel to Ryse: Son of Rome or perhaps an entirely new project altogether.

Responding to a fan’s question on Twitter, he said that he has cherished his time working on the God of War franchise but felt he was now ready for “a new adventure.”

Crytek’s most recent work, Ryse: Son of Rome, is a visual marvel on the Xbox One. However, reviewers gave it a friendly bashing over the tangy combat mechanics and limited freedom.

Pappy can very well bring the amazing exploration and puzzle aspects from God of War to a Ryse sequel, provided it’s what they are working on.

We’ll be waiting for Crytek to reveal as to what they have in development and hopefully it will not be exclusive to a single platform.

Source: Polygon