Get Games Cyber Monday Deals Have Brave New World, The Bureau And More

Cyber Monday deals are still going around everywhere, such as on online portal Get Games.

Depending on your tastes, they have a dozen or so Steam titles on sale with a sizable discount or you can score more deductions outside of that realm.

Some of the more notable deals include the latest downloadable content (DLC) for Civilization V. Its DLC expansion Brave New World is available at a 66% price cut, putting it at €10.19. This content adds machinations for cultural influence of tribes, as well as reworked trading systems, which should now be a lot easier to understand for newcomers.

Additionally, some new civilizations and buildings are included in the pack. Nations like Poland, Brazil, Portugal and the Zulu come with the DLC, as well as Wonders like the Parthenon or Broadway.

Another title from 2K Games, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, sees its cost reduced by 66% too, which makes the tag a mere €16.99 for a relatively new title. This spin-off of the series tried to make its combat more active in a third-person, cover-based shooter. It still withheld tactical possibilities and its brand of permadeath, whenever an officer died.

If neither are your thing, publisher Nordic Games seems to have the largest stake in the rest of the sale, with several of its roster on display. From this selection, you could pick up one of the Red Faction shooters.  

For just €1.99, we’d recommend Red Faction Guerilla.

Finally, Jet Set Radio from Sega costs just 75 cents right now. Its rollerblading action with pulsing beats and heavy cell-shading is still riveting to this day. Pick that up too.